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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: The Ride
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Post A Sad Moment in the Magic Kingdom Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 5:07 pm
20K Crewmember
20K Crewmember
Just got back from a wonderful vacation at Disney World with my family. It was the first time we took our kids, and it was the first time for me since the demolition of the 20k area. I had no idea that when we made the turn into Fantasyland from Tomorrowland, that I would get a bit choked up. After all, it was just a ride, and a long time ago. But as we got closer and I saw it was really gone with my own eyes, I couldn't help but feel a bit sad. So we walked up to the new play area, my wife looked at me like, what the hell are we doing here? I told her it was important that we find the last trace of 20k so I could pay my respects. It was like a funeral. I had forgotten where they said the carving of the sub was, so I had her looking all over the outside of the dam tree for it. Finally, I saw some supervisor looking guy walk by and I asked him. He brought us inside the tree house and pointed it out. Again, a very sad moment. I snapped my picture and got the hell out of there, after chasing my 4 year old daughter for about 10 minutes who thought the play area was just the greatest. I walked away feeling just a little bit conflicted. All of us who knew what was there miss it terribly, but those who didn't know about it, like my daughter, really enjoyed the new area. I guess we just have to let it go and enjoy the memories we have. And the memories are a lot better thanks to Dave and this site. Well, that's my story. Disney World is still as fun (and expensive) as ever. I'm sure we'll be going back for years to come! Take care all....
Post Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 9:59 pm
Friend of 20K Ride
Friend of 20K Ride
Well Shockme, the answer is simple if you ask me - stop going to Walt Disney World. That way your kids won't get attached to Pooh's Playground only to have that burned to the gound to make way for Zarxbar's Galaxy Gangbang when that becomes Disney's hottest movie in 2027.

Seriously though, I express my opinions through my $$$$ and I no longer spend them on anything that gets them in Disney's pockets, including their movies and theme parks. I can live with them getting rid of the 20K ride but what I can't live with is the underhanded way they did it. That says they don't value me as a customer and I will be happy to keep my money away from companies that feel that way.

- ED -
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