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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: The Ride
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Post thanks for this Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:23 pm
seriously. i have been visiting this site for a couple years now. i have made several posts in the guestbook as well, but i always come back to the pictures.

my heartbreak is unlike a good amount of you, i never got the chance to ride this wonderful attraction. heres why

my dad was in the army. we lived most of his career in germany, and when i was about 7 years old i had gotten into trouble and was told i was gonna get my parents called and all that wonderful stuff. so, i decided to go to the library and check some books out. i found a book about the rides of disneyworld and checked it out. well if i damn near didnt start doing backflips at the sight of a 20k ride. it was my very favorite movie. i loved the way goffs nautlius looked. i made myself a promise that when we get back stateside i would get on this ride, hell or high water.

fast forward to 1999. i had been in the states for about 8 years, and finally got my hands on the internet. i decided to look and see if there were pics available for the 20k ride. i forgot exactly what reminded me about my childhood goal but none the less i found the website and was in awe of the pictures. and then the sledgehammer hit against the head. shut down since 1994. dood, seriously, wtf?

i was pissed but i also noticed that there were hopes to get it up and running again soon. i would constantly scour the internet for info on my beloved ride. my uncle went to disneyworld and said dood all there is of that ride is water, no subs.

my sister then moved to florida sometime around 2003. well, she has season passes and all that so she would go constantly but she claimed she couldnt find the ride.

one day when i was working at hyundai of el paso as a internet manager, i decided to use my spare time to look at some pics. thats when i found the dreaded tear down pics. i was horrified. i know it may have seemed somewhat silly to see a 25 year old man sad at the sight of his childhood dream smashed to peices.

i still come to this site and look around. i love the movie and have it on the 2 disc dvd. for some reason i keep hoping that one of those rich idiots in disneyworld will finally realise that this ride was a bridge to classic literature and also it was disneys favorite damn story and most historical movie ever. mayeb someone will think long and hard about the possibility of making another ride, to replace what was so illfully taken.

i myself am a park freak. i joined the army in 2005 at the age of 26 and found myself once again back in my beloved stomping grounds of germany. here we have a place called europa park and its freaking fantastic. i would go there frequently as a kid, and as an adult i still go all the damn time. been there about 5 times since i have been back. one thing that is very funny, the park is a not so far cry from disneyworld. its kinda laughable, they even got sued becuase their mascot was too close a resemblence to mickey mouse.

at any rate, if i had the power i would march right into disneyworld and demand someone throw some sketches of a replacement ride with a quickness. i feel it was very very wrong for them to take this attraction down. i dont care what the costs were, if you can afford to make a bambi 2, you can afford to keep a treasure that generations enjoyed open.

now if you wanted my opinion for a new ride, holy crap, my ideas would have the park in debt for quite a while, however it would attract even more, and i can gauruntee you, since i have had the pleasure of enjoying parks from all over, you would be in for a unique and awe inspiring experience

it would be my dream to work in an amusement park, not as a server or janitor, but mo0re hands on with rides and their designs. from what i have seen combined with my imagination, i thin i would have the power to put a park on the map, if it wasnt already.

anyway, can someone point me to the concept drawings for the ride, the lake superior ones? i cant find them on the internet
Post Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:28 pm
oh yeah

i used this site to show my sister what was taken from the public. she couldnt believe this ride existed and that it was replaced with some gay winnie the pooh crap. she went to disneyworld and took a pic of the knot for me. she was upset about being robbed of the opportunity to show my lil neice this wonderful ride. she had no clue the whole ariels grotto thing was used to cover up what was once a vry active and sought for ride. once she saw the pics she realised the scope of it all, and she was like dood that was what that huge pond was for, i had no idea. meh.
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