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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: The Ride
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Post Rebuilt Nautilus Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:03 am
I found this, it is actually life-sized, can hold passengers, and doesn't run on a track!
Would be cool to have at WDW!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Post Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:18 am
3am, woke up to all the windows in my rattling, this one just a small gusting storm, not like Sandy, which left me in the dark for 10 days.

That link to a post above, on the Exomos Nautilus, was written by me, in 2006.

I kept tabs over the years with Herve Jaubert.
It did no go well for him.

Regards tim.

I'm not sure of the fate of Exomos or that Nautilus, but Mr. Jaubert isn't connected with it anymore. Apparently it "ran into difficulties".

In fact, he seems to have barely gotten out of that job alive-- literally.
His Wikipedia entry says that in '07 he was arrested and tortured in Dubai, then later made a James Bond-style escape using Arab womenswear and diving gear to meet a "former fellow spy" offshore.

Herve in his own words....

You are right about that, barely made it out alive, such a waste I left behind the Nautilus rotting under the sun and taking dust, I was 3 days out to launch it when the Arabs unleashed hell on me

The Nautilus I built at Exomos was a working submarine, about 10 tons, 50 feet, carrying up to 9 passengers plus the captain. Powered by a 30 kw electric motor. Lithium battery system. Vertical and horizontal thrusters for maneuvrability. Operation in shallow depths, up to 30 ft.

At the time I had "pressure" tested all the systems and compartments to check for leaks. It was all go and I was about to launch it under international media coverage when these bandits decided to stop me.

The surface water line was 1/3 down the main round view ports. Th

Truly a submarine master piece, I put so much effort and ressources in it, all for nothing. I dont know where it is now, surely no longer functionnal after the batteries were left without maintenance.

They would not know how to operate it anyways.

Details of the Nautilus, with emergency flotation bags deployment test.

Some beautiful, photos of his work, slow to load, very large HD


From his website

Dubai claims to be the land of luxury and an open society, but ...
"Escape from Dubai" will make you think twice about booking a trip there.

Read the intriguing, true life story of a French Engineer, Herve Jaubert, who was lured by Sultan Bin Sulayem, the Chairman of Dubai World, to create a large manufacturing Company in Dubai, and once there found himself ensnared in a trap of Government coercion and extortion, with his passport confiscated and unable to return home .

The Emiratis' plan to keep Herve in Dubai overlooked one key detail in his resume:
Herve Jaubert was no ordinary man, he is a former French elite Secret Operative.
These nefarious Emiratis learned too late that Herve had the skills to plan and execute the escape of his life, to evade the iron clad fists of the Dubai Government and its corrupt legal system.

Herve Jaubert is a former French Naval Officer and Marine Engineer. He served as a covert operative for the DGSE, the French Secret

In 1993 he left the DGSE and moved to the US where he invented and developed a complete line of recreational submarines and
combat swimmer submersibles.

In 2004, Sultan Bin Sulayem, Chairman of Dubai World, visited
Herve's submarine factory in Florida and offered him a partnership to develop a submarine manufacturing company in Dubai.

Herve Jaubert moved to Dubai with his family, transported his operation and created a state of the art factory.

Soon, he fell victim to a corrupt ystem and megalomaniac leaders who forced him to surrender his passport, held him hostage, coerced him to surrender his assets and threatened him to be tortured and imprisoned indefinitively.

After he sent his family back to the US, he went into hiding and dressing like an Emirati woman to plan an escape without his passport.

Two months later, he executed a harrowing escape on a rubber boat, and returned to the U.S.

Post Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:34 am
Whoa! Dubai is serious business.
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